Wanna See More Disney Film News?

Hello readers,

So ever since I made this blog 4 years ago or so, I’ve tried to keep it strictly for reviews of the live-action Disney films. However, I’ve been thinking about expanding the blog to include any live-action Disney film news that gets announced. I feel this would be interesting to you readers as well as provide more content to this blog rather than there just being one post a week.

But, what do you all think? Would you want to see live-action Disney film news on this blog? Or are you happy that it’s just reviews? Please lemme know via the poll as well as in the comments below! Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Wanna See More Disney Film News?

  1. Well….yes and no. What I am not interested in is getting every bit of so called Disney news because a lot of it isn’t that interesting and often it’s just rumors which don’t pan out or announcements which never get delivered on for one reason or another. But if you stick to the actual news, meaning stuff which is officially confirmed by the studio itself, why not. Also…do you mean all of Disney? Because Marvel and Lucas Film are technically Disney, too.

    1. Thanks for your opinion!

      Well yeah, any news I’ll post will only be confirmed by Disney news, no rumors or anything like that, just like I do on my animation blog.

      And no, I don’t think I’d post Marvel or Lucasfilm news; it would just be regular Walt Disney Pictures movie news.

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