5 thoughts on “Guess the Movie I’m Reviewing on January 18th, 2016!

  1. No Deposit, No Return? Following your blog, I’m discovering just how many Disney Live Action I watched growing up. I must have practically lived on them. But I’m also impressed at how many I have yet to see. Do you know around how many Live Action films Disney has made?

    1. You got it right! Congrats!

      Yeah, one of the reasons I made this blog was because I feel people (including myself) neglect that Disney has a huge library of live-action films and many of them aren’t well-known so it’s nice to see them and bring them to the blogging world. There are so many films I’ve reviewed so far that I’ve never seen before and were delights and many that probably were best forgotten, lol!

      I don’t know how many for sure have been made, but at least 4-5 are released every year and they’ve been doing live-action films since the 50s so it’s a lot, lol!

      You can check this Wikipedia page to see all the Walt Disney Pictures films that have ever been released. The ones with “L” next to their names are the live-action ones:


      1. Thanks! 4-5 a year – wow, that’s more than I realized. I have really enjoyed your blog! You’re right; Disney’s Live Action film selection is so much richer than I ever supposed.

  2. Finally! Given that this is on my recommendation, I thank you for finally getting around to this! I look forward to seeing what your thoughts on it are.

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