6 thoughts on “Guess the Movie I’m Reviewing on April 20th, 2015!

  1. Into the Woods – Disney’s biggest gamble in recent months, and arguably the one that fell short the most if you believe the audience reactions.

  2. I really like this movie! I prefer the musical, but it’s still a fun film. (I love Into the Woods though. When my dad saw it over the holidays, he said “I wasn’t expecting that much singing,” followed by a sigh. Oh well. 🙂 )

    1. Welcome to the blog!

      And I’ve never seen the musical before. I hadn’t even heard of the musical before I heard Disney was making a movie of it.

      And yeah, only we musical fans will love the singing, lol. I have friends who generally like Disney fans, but I don’t recommend this film to them because I know they can’t take too much singing.

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