Guess the Movie I’m Reviewing on October 27th, 2014!

Hello readers,

I’ve decided to add something new to the blog. As you all know, I post a new review every 2 weeks. So, I was thinking that maybe I should do something for the week in which I don’t post a review. And I came up with an idea.

As you all know, I never tell which movie I’m going to review next. I enjoy the surprise. But what I’m changing is that the week before each review, I’ll post a screenshot from the film that I’ll be reviewing the following week. And you all can make guesses in the comments as to which film you think it is!

So, today we start with a somewhat easy one (at least, in my opinion):


18 thoughts on “Guess the Movie I’m Reviewing on October 27th, 2014!

    1. How’d you guess that I’m reviewing ‘Scrooge’ 😉 ?

      I personally LOVE the story, ‘A Christmas Carol’ and have tried watching all the film adaptations of it.

      So just to get an opinion from my readers, do you like this idea I’m doing of posting a screenshot the week before and having my readers guess the next week’s review?

      1. It’s fun. Even though someone will most likely guess immediately.

        I love A Christmas Carol, too. My favourite is the Scott version, followed by the Mickey version.

      2. Yeah. I’m not intending it to be a challenging puzzle, rather just something light and fun that allows me to post something on the weeks that I have no reviews planned.

        My fave version actually is one that most people dislike and it’s the 1997 animated version with Tim Curry as the voice of Scrooge. But, my favorite performance of Scrooge is that of Alistair Sim.

      3. Yeah, nobody seems to like that version. I like it because Scrooge is bitter as he should be, but you feel for him when he feels those brief instances of remorse. And I just love “Santa’s Sooty Suit”, lol!

        I wasn’t too fond of Scott’s performance as I felt he wasn’t bitter enough or at all. He seemed to keep his cool while thinking everyone was a humbug regarding their Christmas traditions. But, maybe it can be argued that that’s what the original character should be like.

      4. It was a more settled performance. That’s why I like it. Plus, I really like how they depicted the different ghost.

        I don’t like the “chase Scrooge through the streets” nonsense from the motion capture one (plus, the lack of eye contact between the characters). It’s too flashy for my taste.

  1. I’m exciting about this new reviews! And i think it’s pretty great you’re starting with Muppet Christmas Carol, such a great movie.

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