A Note on Disney+ Releases

In May 2020, I released a poll asking if you all were interested in me reviewing live-action Disney films that are released to Disney+ rather than theatrically released to which most of you replied yes. However I’ve noticed that some of the Disney+ live-action releases are films produced by Disney Channel which they had no intention of releasing theatrical (Sneakerella) or films that are actually from Fox or other studios (Home Sweet Home Alone).

Sometimes it’s hard to tell which films are which until afterwards which is why I’ve reviewed films like Black Beauty and Secret Society of Second-Born Royals already on this blog. However going forward, I will no longer be reviewing those types of films on this blog as I still want to keep the blog focused to theatrical/”intended to be theatrical” Disney releases.

Now I gotta find out if Cheaper by the Dozen is an actual Disney production or not, lol!

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