10 thoughts on “Guess the Movie I’m Reviewing on August 24th, 2015!

  1. Lol, I can never guess most of these movies! I guess it’s sorts weird because I am big of fan Disney.

      1. Did you watch the video of the little boy reciting the speech from this movie? That’s really the only reason I’ve heard about this movie.

        I refuse to watch it because I can’t stand seeing Kurt Russell as a middle-aged/old man. It terrifies me after seeing how young and cute he was in The Barefoot Executive (1971).

      2. Here’s a link. It’s quite charming:

        He apparently watched the movie nearly 150 times and didn’t have the speech on any prepared script because he hadn’t learned to read!

  2. I love this movie! USA! USA! There are actually very few movies about the Olympics and even though most of us know the outcome of the big game I think the ‘how they got there’ story is really good. Plus, the hockey players did a pretty good job with their acting. Anyway, look forward to your review.

    1. Well, I try to release a new review every other week. And which movie I review really depends on which one I find at my local library during that time.

      I also keep in mind at the back of my head not to do all the famous ones first, because then nobody would read my blog for the rest of the not-so-famous ones.

      So there’s no full-fledged scientific way how I pick the movies.

      1. That’s smart. Plus it makes it more of a surprise. I can see why some review the Disney Canon that way because it can get a little discouraging during some eras. I mean still Disney but I wonder if I would have been as hard on some if it wasnt part of a bad era. I dont think so but could be

      2. Yeah, if I were to do this project chronologically, it wouldn’t work because the vast majority of live-action Disney movies from the 40s to 80s are not really popular/famous. Hence, it’d take forever to get to the ones that people would want to hear of.

        Also some of the movies from the 40s to the 80s are somewhat harder to find copies of than others, hence there would probably be more delays in my blog.

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