Hot Lead and Cold Feet (1978)


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So, funny story: this was supposed to be the first movie I reviewed on this site due to somebody requesting it, rather than me choosing it all on my own. I was under the impression that a commenter by the name of “act” had suggested this movie for me to review, so I finally got around to obtaining this film (he suggested this back in October 2014), watching it, and reviewing it.

But, as I was editing this review, I went back to the original comment posted by act and realized that I had made a mistake. He didn’t suggest this movie; he wanted me to review a movie called No Deposit, No Return!


How could I have made the mistake? Maybe because they’re both Disney films from the 70s, both have titles that are around four words long, and both feature actors Don Knotts, Darren McGavin, and John Williams? It’s possible. Maybe I just misread the original comment? That’s possible too.

All in all, I’d like to apologize to act if you’re reading this and I’ll do my best to get to reviewing No Deposit, No Return as soon as possible! I appreciate your patience.

In the meantime, we might as well go through Hot Lead and Cold Feet together now since I have the review prepared already.

And remember, SPOILERS AHEAD!

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