Further Delay

I sincerely apologize to all of you, but this week is the last week of final exams for me, so I’ve been really busy studying for them. Because of that, I won’t be able to keep my promise to have the next review posted tomorrow, but I hopefully will have it posted before the end of the week (Wednesday is a good estimate).

Again, I apologize for any and all inconvenience this may or may not have caused (then again if this didn’t cause any inconvenience, should I still apologize? Hmm…the mind wanders….problems….solutions….mathematics….chocolate bars….I’ve clearly been studying too much)!


Changing From Every Week to Every Other Week

Hello readers,

Well, when I started this blog, I said that I’d update it every week with a new review unless life got busy. In that case, I’d switch it to every other week. Well, life got busy with schoolwork and other priorities and I’m not pleased with the quality of my recent reviews, so I’ll be updating this blog every other week from now on. Sorry for any inconveniences!

So, the next review will be posted hopefully on November 25th.